NC Man Threatens To Release Sex Tape Unless Pastor Steps Down

They say whats done in the dark will come to the light.   25-year-old Markeith Rivers claims he has an explicit tape of himself and Henrico White, a pastor from North Carolina, engaging in sex. Now, he’s demanding White resign from his post or he’ll upload the video online for the world to see.

In a 12-minute video posted to his Facebook page in July, Rivers explains that White was his family’s pastor when he was growing up. Two years ago, they reconnected on Adam4Adam.

He sent me a picture. I sent him a picture,” Rivers alleges in the video. “I guess, he hadn’t seen my in years, since I was a kid, so I guess he didn’t realize who I was.”

According to Rivers, he invited White over to his place and they “immediately got down to business.”

“We do oral sex,” he alleges. “We do anal sex. I’m mean, we’re, we’re, we’re, we’re — we’re in the — oh yeah!”
"Being a detective, Rivers goes on to explain that he records “everything.” Naturally, this included having sex with his childhood pastor.

“I try to tell people,” Rivers says, “I’m not a porn star. … I’m never going to post anything of myself that I can’t blur out of myself. I can post anybody else’s dick, anybody else’s ass if I want to, but you’re not gonna see mine. I don’t do those kinda things. My mama raised me better than that.”

Afterwards, Rivers says he contacted Weeping Willow Church, where White has worked since 2014.

“I am not a porn star therefore I have no desire to post the video online,” he continues, “but I have shown this video to deacons from Weeping Willow and they both confirm the man in the video was their pastor. I am not a wolf in sheep’s clothing. I am just a wolf! When a man can have sex with me on Saturday night then stand in the pulpit Sunday morning that man needs to be exposed!”

This week, Rivers uploaded to his Facebook profile a four-part undercover video of himself meeting with church officials at a restaurant to discuss the next course of action.

“I’m gonna make sure every single Sunday I have my supporters come down there [to the church] and act a fool,” Rivers threatened, “and I’m gonna make sure they know that you guys support a man who gay!”

“I am the D.L. Detective. That’s what I do,” he continues. “I do my own investigations. And I have my own laws and how I think of things.”

“My personal mission from this point on, with thousands of my followers, is to make sure your church never have a good Sunday. Ever!”

At the end of the video, Rivers collects $120 “for travel and per diem” from the officials. So far, neither White nor the Weeping Willow Church have released any statements about the allegations or their meeting with Rivers.

Sidenote:  The pastor is low key fine, so I would have fucked him and kept fucking him and kept it to myself.  Unless he has a wife.  Or preached anti gay sermons.    But if he's on Adam4Adam...

Now for a church pun:

Perhaps he should have spared the rod?



Posted by Nick Grooms on Friday, August 7, 2015

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