New To DVD: Luv Don't Live Here

Looking for something to watch with that special someone or need an alternative to Netflix and chilling?  Take a look at "Luv Don't Live Here" a film by Mikal K. Odom.

“LUV” Don’t Live Here Anymore tells the story of Reggie Hamilton, also affectionately known as Reggie Luv, a gay black man whose life takes a 180-degree turn when once he becomes severely ill.

Not so easily willing to part with the way life was before, Reggie finds himself not only fighting for his health, but unearthing harsh truths about himself and the relationships he holds dear.

A note from creator Mikal K. Odom on the film’s genesis:

Flim Creator Mikal Odom

“Originally my thesis project at American University, “LUV” Don’t Live Here Anymore is a true labor of love. Upon completing the first full draft, I submitted it into the Sundance Filmmaker’s Lab on a whim, not thinking much of it all– having had no success with previous scriptwriting efforts in various competitions. Sure enough, “LUV”… became a finalist!

Though it eventually didn’t grant me an invitation to the lab, since then I’ve wondered what would it be like to produce this film. Knowing from the very beginning that this is “the” work to fully introduce myself to the world as an artist, I stuck with it and worked on the script some more. Fast forward to 2014, six years years later, I was in a much better place mentally and financially, so I gave it a go! It’s arduous task, but it is even more fulfilling.”

Get The Film Here:


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