New Gay Dating App "Nior" Caters To LGBTQ's of Color

From Nior: Mobile Dating for Gay People of Color and Lovers of Diversity! Noir attempts to recreate the environment of Harlem’s Black owned night clubs from the 1920s that is conducive for dating. But what exactly does that mean? A brief history lesson. Harlem’s clubs in the 1920s were safe places for all kinds of people that catered to the Black community. Everyone was welcome. Harlem clubs were the first places where Gay people were accepted and welcome. These were clubs where people of color got to enter through the front door. These were places where the service was catered to Black people. They were also the only places where you can find Black, White and Other all in one place simply enjoying life.

The division that exists in the Gay community of today has become a problem and to combat it, Noir now exist. Noir caters to people of color but all are welcome. Bigotry will NOT be tolerated in Noir. Noir is a place for people of color ranging from Black to Latino to Asian to Indian and lovers of diversity. Coming to Noir requires an open mind and an open heart.

We do encourage our members to report any profiles that use bigoted language and/or rhetoric. ‘No \< insert race here \>, just a preference.’ will also not be tolerated. Noir is not the place for that type of language.

Otherwise, enjoy your time here in Noir! Meet someone new! Meet your possible future!

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