Nickelodeon Makes History With Interracial Same Sex Couple On New Cartoon

According to the original report by Variety, The Loud House, one of Nick's newest shows, is introducing an interracial, same-sex couple to their character lineup in an episode that is set to premiere this week, making them the first same-sex couple in the network's history.

The couple, Harold and Howard McBride, will be voiced by actors/comedians Wayne Brady and Michael McDonald respectively, and are parents to Clyde McBride, one of the cartoon's main characters.

Footage from The Loud House episode that will introduce Harold and Howard surfaced on Twitter over the weekend, reports Complex, with the full episode airing tonight, July 20, on Nick.

Obviously, this is a pretty big (and awesome!) deal. Interracial queer couples are hardly ever given any spotlight or airtime in mainstream media, so for a popular show on a popular children's network to feature one is very progressive, and the fact that the show isn't making a big deal of the character's queerness is a step in the right direction in further promoting acceptance of LGBT people.

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