Orlando Brown Claims Trey Songz is Gay, Pays For Male Escorts

Let's get one thing straight, we think Orlando Brown is nuttier than squirrel shit.  I don't know what happened after That's So Raven, but clearly no one had a vision that saw all this coming.  In his defense there have been rumors about Trey for years, we're just not sure what prompted this...outburst.  

Brown posted an Instagram video of himself, where he went on a verbally aggressive tirade against Songz. “F*ck you Trey Songz you gay a*s n*gga,” he angrily says, “You wanna pay n*ggas to do some gay a*s sh*t.” The insults didn’t stop there, as Brown proceeded to call Songz “a gay a*s b*tch” and ask “Realistically when have I seen you with a b*tch and not a d*ck?” The actor closes the rant by saying that Songz is “always running around trying to f*ck with Orlando and sh*t.” Brown offers no proof of these claims for the duration of the video.

Watch below:


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