Rapper 50 Cent Visits Gay Club In Philly To Promote Vodka

Anything for a dime...or in this case 50 Cent. Rapper 50 Cent stopped by Voyeur Nightclub on Saturday night in Philadelphia's Gayborhood.

So what brought him to the LGBTQ nightclub? His Effen Vodka line. Philly Mag explains:

Voyeur, a popular LGBTQ nightclub in the Gayborhood, is co-owned by brothers Billy Weiss and Michael Weiss, who are also the co-owners of Woody’s, across the street. The latter bar has been in the news lately over alleged covert racism in their dress code policies. But Saturday night, Billy Weiss was all about “reaching out to the community.”

“We thought it was a good idea to bring 50 Cent to Voyeur to promote his brand,” Weiss told G Philly. “We’re planning to work with the community to prove we’re inclusive — we have a hip-hop music lounge upstairs [at Voyeur] and plan on hosting an upcoming community forum at Woody’s that will address any problems people have with management.”

The reaction was mixed with some noting 50 Cent's past homophobic comments.

“Why 50 Cent — he’s not even gay,” said Davante Rashad, 25, outside of the club. “He’s homophobic as fuck and he’s just using us to buy his fucking vodka.”

Still, apparently 50's vodka doesn't discriminate. He commented on one club goer's Instagram photo:

Effen Vodka, it belongs everywhere, for everyone to enjoy it.


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