Rapper Rose Burgundy Claims Ray J and Lil Fizz Are Gay- Gets Attacked By Entire LHH Cast

This season of Love and Hip Hop Hollywood still has a ton of episodes left to air, but the real drama is happening off camera as Hazel E's boyfriend and rapper Rose Burgundy is claiming that fellow cast mates Ray J and Lil Fizz are gay.  Why he's lashing out at the artists is unknown but it all started when he posted a link to a story that claimed Ray J and Fizz were in a relationship.  He also commented he though it was gay for Ray J to go jack off with two other guys to determine who had the highest sperm count.  

Well none of his comments set well with, well anybody.  Zell Swag, Moniece and even Milan Christopher came with clap backs.  

Its all a big mess you can check out below. 

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