Science Study: Morning Sex Is Good For Your Health

You don't have to tell me twice. We all know morning sex is fun and there have been plenty of songs written about the joys of getting it in early in the am. Now there's scientific proof it's actually good for you!

Prof. Musa Yakubu of the University of Ilorin has said that having sex early in the morning lowers blood pressure and reduces risks of heart attack.
Yakubu of the Department of Biochemistry made the assertion in a paper: “Knocking Down the Barriers to Four O’Clock Activities and Reproductive Inadequacies.”

He presented the paper at the 163rd Inaugural lecture of the university on Friday.

He said that having sexual intercourse, three to four times a week, was good for love life.
Yakubu said: “Research has shown that sex boosts immune system by stimulating the body’s first line of defence and production of immunoglobulin A, against cold and fever.”
Immunoglobulin A is one of the most common antibodies in the body system.
Antibodies are proteins made by the immune system to fight bacteria, viruses, and toxins.

According to him, the act of sexual intercourse also release the feel-good chemical, known as oxytocin, which enhances closeness with one’s partner and makes people feel happier for a longer period of time.

Yakubu explained: “Lovemaking of about 20 minutes reduces 150 calories.”

The professor of Biochemistry postulated that sex is the most powerful creative force given to human by God for pleasure and deep companionship.

Yakubu, however, noted that any partnership in which either person could not enjoy sexual intercourse or satisfy their partner in bed was a dead relationship.


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