Siir Brock Says Milan Christopher Got Butt Shots, Milan Posts Vids of Sir Begging To Get Back Together

"Drama Bomb!" - Lumpy Space Princess.  Love and Hip Hop Hollywood may not come back for another week but Milan and Sir Brock are bringing us a lil Midsummer's Night Foolishness.  We thought these two had buried the hatchet but apparently they both had time today.  

Sources say things popped off yesterday when Sir Brock said he had an ex that was stalking his social media pages because he had good dick.  Milan took it as shots fired and responded indirectly saying he'd never seen someone try and maintain a lie.  Things escalated quickly when Sir Brock accused Milan of getting ass shots and doing porn.  Milan responded with videos of Sir begging to get that old thing back.  In one of the videos it also appears Sir admitted to physically attacking MIles.

Its all one mess. 




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