So I Confronted The Guy Who Was Catfishing Dates With My Pics

Well normally I'm a nice person I have many people that can atest to that, however, today was not this brotha's lucky day.

The fact that he was going around pretending to be me is enough to make this country boi want to get ghetto.

Now I'm a grown ass man, and I do things like grown ass men do, but sometimes we must all take people back to school and let them know what time it is.

So i tell him what restaurant to come to.

Now many of you are probably asking well how the hell would you know what he looked like when he showed up.

Easy i gave it about 10 minutes and waited for a 9/11 on legs to come strolling down the street...and i dialed his cell phone number, of course it was him.

So i cross the street and say hello, and he looks as if he had seen a ghost. he goes " oh my" and i'm like oh yes and the next thing i know i'm trying to re arrange his jaw, before the crowd got to big i stopped and was like let that be a lesson and that was the end of that, yeah i know mother fuckers out here are crazy but like my mother used to tell us when she and my father would go at it, "your father's crazy, but i'm crazier" and the church said amen.

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