Straight Guy Describes His First Gay Encounter At The Gym

The gym. Where you can work it out or get it in depends on who you ask. Personally I prefer to work out but for others it's THE cruise spot if you like muscles.

The following is a true story:

You all should read this from beginning to end. I promise you'll be glad that u did, as there's a lot of things to be learned from this from my experience as a 100% straight guy.

I was working out earlier today at my gym. So I was at the locker room changing and I dropped my wallet and didn't realize it and some new guy I've never seen before picked it up and gave it to me. I thanked him and we just had a small talk and he told me he's new at the gym, and since my workout buddy was sick today, I asked him if he wanted to workout together, and so we did.

In between our sets, we had small talks, and I asked him if he had a gf, and he told me he's gay. I was like congrats bro... I'm so happy for you, cuz i didn't know whatta say. I'd never guess he was gay since he acts, looks, dresses, walks, and talks like a masculine dude. He's also tall, lean, muscular, 3% body fat, just very good looking physique and face. First, I'm a 100% straight guy, and I've had sex with at least 35+ chicks so far. Even if you are straight, u sure as hell do know when a guy looks really good [but probably won't admit it lol].

I've always wanted to know why there are so many gay people in the world nowadays. Back then, it was rare to see a gay folks and now they are like everywhere! Growing up, I used to believe in many things that I later rejected (e.g., tooth fairy, santa claus, god, etc) so I wanted to know how gay sex felt like and why many people who never tried it think it's a bad thing. I mean, life's too short and there's so many things to do in life to try out so I decided I was gonna try to hook up with a gay dude with me being str8. So after we finished working out, I asked him if he wanna come over and "hang out and have fun." He agreed.

Like I said, he was super hot, 11/10. But since I was straight, I didn't feel the urge to fuck him. So when he came over, I asked him I wanna experiment, and he gave me a blowj0b and it felt totally amazing, better than from all the chicks. It made sense to me, since he's a dude and know the male anatomy well. I'd never thought I'd ever do this, but afterward I asked him if I can suck his ding dong to see why girls love the dick so much, and it made so much sense to me once I tried it. To have something huge in your hand and to control someone's feelings/emotions just by stroking or sucking it gives u an amazing feeling of power over someone. Simply put, it made me feel almighty and king-like without resorting to illegal drugs. Then, he asked me to bang him so I did and it felt very tight, and feel better than a chick's vag for reasons I somehow can't explain. Afterward, I asked him to enter me because I've always wanted to know how it feel to be a catcher for a change, after pitching all my life. And holy cow, the doctors were not joking around when they said the prostate gland is the male's G-spot. I was totally in sexual Ecstasy! It turned me into a freak and a monster begging for him to go deeper and harder, and looking back, I laughed at how the human body work. It was simply the best sex of my life, without a doubt. My orgasm felt 100x better, no joke, I swear!

Like I said, life's short and after my experience, it opened my eyes and made me less judgmental and a lot less anti-gay. I realized that my bigotry was irrational after I decided to give it a try. Anyways, I wanted to tell u all my experience, and why I understand why there's so many gay people nowadays. BTW, I'm 100% straight! Feel free to ask me anything!

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