Throwback Thursday: The Infamous Jeep Scene from Aprende

Here's a throwback for your ass, or dick depending on the day.  Before xtube and pornhub and myvidster, you heard about porn through word of mouth and to watch you still needed a VCR.  There was a plethora of porn, just not a lot featuring guys of color.  Then along came Enrique Cruz and his videos.  While he was not the first he helped pioneer in a new era of gay porn featuring actors of color bringing us classics like Off Da Hook 1 and 2  and of course Aprende.  

I remember first watching this and going "Dayuuuum he's just gonna beat him up all over this jeep."  It made me want a jeep.  It made me want to fuck in a jeep, and on top of a jeep, and hanging out back of a jeep, and with some timbs on and fuck a guy with a scorpion tattoed on his dick.   It was everything.  

Do you remember your first time seeing it?


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