Video: Black Gay Trump Supporter Attacks Protester At Rally

Today in thats absolutely fucking ridiculous, at a Donald Trump rally in Greensboro, North Carolina this afternoon, a man wearing a “Gays For Trump” shirt and carrying a rainbow flag was captured on film violently grabbing a protester by the neck and attempted to place him in a headlock as police rushed to the scene.

Within seconds, police pushed the man off of the protester and rushed the victim to safety.

Watch the incident below (you can see the alleged attacker running up behind the protester at the beginning of the video):

The alleged attacker returned to his seat, receiving a chorus of applause and high-fives from Trump supporters.

A man which claims to be the alleged attacker’s husband, celebrated the news on Twitter:

He also shared some more photos from the rally:

Update: The man’s husband claims the man attacked the protestor for allegedly “disrespecting the flag” and was just attempting to eject the man from the rally. 




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