Video: What Happens When Hip-Hop Fans Find Out They’re Extras in a Gay Rapper’s Music Video

In a new video social experiement, Comedian Ben Bizuneh wanted to find out what would happen if a group of hip-hop fans found out that the rapper whose video they wanted to be in was actually gay.

Ben posed as a fake rapper named Boss Quoss who needed a bunch of guys to film the video for his debut single “Stroking.”

He then convinced a bunch of hip-hop fans to be extras and they were super excited to do the normal ‘rap video’ stuff — you know, stand around and bop to the music with and without shirts.

The idea was to set it up like Yung Joc’s “It’s Going Down” video.

Throughout the shoot, the scenario got progressively more homo-erotic until Boss Quoss openly kissed one of the ‘planted’ extras among the group.


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