Watch: Gay Black Men Discuss What Trump Presidency Means For Them

In his latest video Dwayne Steward and a collection of other black queer men discuss what a Trump Presidency Means to them. From the video notes:
Minutes into his presidency The Trump Administration closed the White House Office of National AIDS Policy, deleted the LGBTQ page from the White House website and added a page that intentionally minimizes police brutality and condemns non-violent protest. His Vice President has a detailed anti-LGBTQ history, including the support of conversion therapy. And his soon-to-be appointed Attorney General has an ardent opposition to keeping policy accountable.

Black gay and queer men feel under attack more than ever before. In this latest episode from The Other Side black gay/queer activist from around the country candidly sound off on what a Trump Presidency means for them.

Special thanks to Evan Robinson, Ronald Murray, Adrian Neil Jr., Tfawa Haynes, Gary Dixon, Lawrence Vinson, Rahmundo Imani, De'Juan Stevens, Tylon Fuller, Orie Givens and Amir Dixon for sharing your story!

This video is a part of series that will allow us to pause and recognize what Trump's America really means for marginalized communities. Future episodes will explore how this new era in our democracy affects transgender communities, queer women of color, Latinx communities and indigenous communities.

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