Watch: Short Film "Damaged Goods" Tells Story of Black Gay Male Battling Depression and Suicide

At some point we're all damaged goods.  Written by Hustle Diva, directed by Nathaniel Nuñez, and starring Jonaral Martin, Ronak Gandhi, Annmanique Johnson, the short film “Damaged Goods” tells the story of Brandon, whose self-esteem has reached an all-time low due to having been bullied repeatedly during his childhood for looking and acting “different.” Brandon battles daily with depression, sleepless nights, and constant distracting thoughts about how to find a way to live in peace. His delicate state of mind gives way to habitual drug and alcohol use to escape the torture.

The suppressed anger from his childhood bullying is frequently released during his substance-abuse bouts, and he finds himself becoming just like those who abused him. With his mental state plummeting faster by the minute, Brandon begins to think there’s no reason to continue living, because the pain will never cease.


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