Watching Straight Guys Get Their Ass Ate Is Our New Favorite Thing

I'm not a fan of straight porn at all.  Not even for the dicks and shots of ass.  However this video made me reconsider.  Believe it or not straight guys like getting their asses ate, at least the ones that are a little more open minded about their pleasure.  Just like anal sex, eating ass isn't exclusive to gay men nor does it make you "less masculine". 

Have you ever had your ass ate?  It feels FUCKING FANTASTIC.  Like angel wings fluttering near your hole.  And if you get somebody back there with a tongue that won't quit, you'll wonder why you never let anybody back there before.  If it feels really good I will shove your face as far as it can go.

This guy looks like he was enjoying himself, and he's cakes are fat enough to smack and watch them jiggle a lil bit.  Just don't finger him.


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