Youngest Gay Couple To Marry To Star In New Reality Show "Guys With Pride"

Looks like another black gay couple may be coming to reality tv.  Guys With Pride will chronicle the life of David Harris & Tre'Darrius Anderson, living in not-so-progressive Memphis, Tennessee. As they continue to stand tall in their hometown with the world at their feet.

David and Tre'Darrius are now 3 years married and trying to start a family soon.

The pilot follows the life of the young gay married couple, as they move diligently to grow their non-profit organization, "Guys With Pride". Sometimes it's hard juggling the national attention as being "Americas Youngest Gay Couple to Marry" with their personal life. Since then they have spoken at LGBTQ conventions, made event appearances, and even awarded for such bravery.

David and Tre'Darrius are "over" Memphis, and think its time for some new turf! Even the trials from their past, won't stop their courage to prevail.

From their kickstarter:

Our names are David Harris and Tre'Darrius Anderson, both born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee. A state where there is no progress and no support for young black gay men like us. We met in July of 2010 via direct message on We found love in an abnormal way people would say. They say a lot of relationship end because of social media, but social media was only the beginning for us. Our relationship was very low key or as the community would call it, down-low. We began to express our love more for one another to public, just after making our relationship official October 17, 2011. One day after taking some photos, we decided to come out on

Will you be checking out the show? 

Check out their kickstarter campaign:


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