Youtuber Says STD Color Coded Condom Idea Was Stolen From Him

Tre Hood, of Myrtle Beach, says colored condoms are a good a idea, an idea he thought of years ago.  According to Tre, he released a video back in 2011 on his Youtube channel and World Star Hip Hop titled, “What if condoms changed colors” where he talks about condoms changing colors based on the type of STD a person has. Tre even refers to color coding based on the STD.


“I can’t believe they stole my idea and now are trying to become famous. No one put anything like that on the internet prior to my video. My video went viral back in 2011 so I know that is where they got the idea from. My video is still on Youtube and Worldstar so they must have watched it before coming up with this “idea”. They definitely stole my idea and are being praised for it. I do not like that at all,” stated to NEWSWATCH33 by Tre.

You can watch Tre’s Youtube video below:

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