Lakeith Stanfield (Atlanta, Get Out) Kinda Sorta Naked

We'll take what we can get.  He has grown on me in the way of looks.  I remember him from the Purge and going ok I guess, but he's sexy as fuck in Atlanta.  And his character is funny.  Warning, these pics are a big tease.


People Are Now Making Their Own Poppers

I'm proud to say that I'm one of millions of gay men who enjoys crafting. Nothing gets my juices flowing like a Pinterest binge. Make my own succulent garden? Cute! Update a light fixture with a modern touch? Nothing a trip to my local hardware store can't handle! Mix my own Isobutyl Nitrite poppers in a homemade chem lab while dodging chemical burns and lung damage? Hmmm!


Video Surfaces of Ricky Whittle of American Gods Whacking His Wood

He may not be a god but he's blessed.  All over.  Don't get me wrong American Gods is a great show all on its own but Ricky aka Shadow Moon makes it more watchable.  I never caught him on the 100 but I may have to go back and watch it since he's on there and lights up the screen.  I'm not sure who he did this video for but its LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG.  LIterally and figuratively. 

Fitness Model and Rugby Player Stuart Readon Bares It All In New Photoshoot

We aren't huge Rugby fans but looks like we might start watching some matches as long as Stuart is playing.  


Actor Tyler Parks Full Frontal Nude Pic From WestWorld (He's Big)

Well here's a new reason to watch Westworld! Tyler Parks is a young actor at the beginning of his career, but anyone who watched the most recent episode of Westworld has at least part of him etched forever in their memory.

Maybe it was prosthetic, but Tyler’s big thing spoke volumes during his non-speaking cameo. 


Video Allegedly Shows Justin Bieber and His Pastor Boo Loving In A Pool

That doesn't look like any baptism I've ever been too.  I don't know what the nature of their relationship is but it doens't look strickly biblical I can tell you that.  But I can't blame Justin.  If my pastor had a six pack and a face anyone would love to sit on I don't know that I wouldn't be all over him too. 



New Model Alert Toriano Watts

Mama warned me about the birds and the bees and my gay god mother warned me about skinny dudes with big meat. Akimsniff is hitting us up with another exclusive and this time its newcomer Toriano Watts. He's got lots of tatts so we are already fans.  Can't wait to see what kind of material he's gonna put out. In the meantime you can enjoy these.


Best of Eggplant Friday 8 18 2017

With all thats been going on in the world this week we needed a pick me up.  Its been a couple of weeks since we did an Eggplant Friday but here were are with the hottness.  Theres something here for everyone so enjoy. 

Study:Two Thirds Of Gay Men Not Using Condoms

Posted with permission from Newsweek

In a new survey of sexual behavior, two-thirds (65 percent) of gay and bisexual men said they didn’t used a condom the last time they had anal sex, with more than a quarter considering themselves to have a “risky sex life” including sex with partners who are HIV positive.

The numbers, collected by the U.K.-based gay men’s health charity Gay Men Fight Aids (GMFA), surveyed 500 gay and bi men, asking them about the risk involved in their sex lives. Twenty-seven percent consider themselves to through caution to the wind in their sex lives.