New Scene Alert: Romeo, Gio and Mannie

Via Akimsniff and Black Rayne:  You know, I have to give it up to Black Rayne because we've watched him try and elevate black gay porn despite all the hurdles in place.  The industry would have you believe that black porn doesn't sell and isn't popular but pornhub has said repeatedly the most searched for term is "black" 

One of our favorite couples is back at it with "A Butt To Fuck Between Lovers Part 2"  the name alone screams watch me.  Check out the trailer below. 



New Black Gay Mini Series Trading Pasts: The Prequel To T.R.A.D.E

Who doesn't love a good back story? This is a PREQUEL to T.R.A.D.E THE SERIES

Trading Secrets: Jayden and Jamil is a 6 part mini series about the friendship and growing Bromance between the two. 
This is the beginning how Jayden and Jamil first met. 

Written By: Dante Black

An AGTV Online Original Series in association with P3K Productions

Executive Produced By: KL Allen
Associate Producer: DiamondKesawn

Director: KL Allen

Cinematographer: Kensly Fresh 

Editor: Khalil Williams


Jeramie Hollins Poses Nude For Tenz Magazine

Of course its everything, because he's everything. He really has a classic look about him.  Like Jidenna but without clothes on.  Its good to see his modeling career is starting to take off too.  Shout out to the photographer for giving us nudity but tasteful nudity.  

Photos Bryan Taylor Johnson (IG: BryanTaylorJohnson)

Model Jeramie Hollins (IG: jeramie_hollins)


Male sex worker narrates life story as a gay man in Zimbabwe

(THOMPSON REUTERS FOUNDATION ZIMBABWE) President Robert Mugabe says people like Takunda Amina are “worse than dogs and pigs” – so daily life as a gay man in Zimbabwe was never going to be easy.

At 24, Amina has already been chased from his family home, forced to marry – twice – and fathered three children who ask him tough questions about sex and sexuality.

He has been vilified in the national press – snapped at a gay party – and rejected as a disgrace by his parents. Not even the best spiritual healers could ‘cure’ Amina of being gay.


Todrick Hall On Taylor Swift Backlash "The Woke Police Don't Think I'm Black Enough"

Todrick Hall has slammed critics of his appearance in the new Taylor Swift video.
The video for Look What You Made Me Do has received backlash as Taylor took aim at all of her enemies.
The song is the lead single off her upcoming sixth album, Reputation and samples Right Said Fred’s anthem “I’m Too Sexy”.
A number have criticised Hall for taking place in the video not only because of its clique vibes but because of Swift’s failure to support Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election.

Pro Wrestler Anthony Bowens Talks Being Bisexual, Wrestling, and His Boyfriend

Pro wrestler Anthony Bowens believes bisexual stigma overtook the conversation after he publicly came out earlier this year.

Speaking to Party Foul Radio, he said: ‘You can date a dude — or marry a dude and be with him the rest of your life — and that doesn’t change the attraction. The stimulation doesn’t change.’

Bowens said he was ‘overwhelmed’ by the reaction he got after coming out. He said: ‘I woke up the next day and my phone was melting because of all the notifications.’


Meet Cynthia Bailey's New Man Will Jones

Looks like Cynthia is getting her groove back like Stella.   The “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star reportedly has a new man, and women are going crazy over him.

The streets are talking about Bailey’s new man, and word so far seems very promising: his name is Will Jones, and he’s reportedly a motivational speaker and entrepreneur who has appeared on “The Steve Harvey Show.” Jones is also close with Atlanta mayoral candidate Michael Sterling, who is dating Bailey’s new co-star Eva Marcille, so that’s convenient from a show point of view.


Jensen Atwood Appreciation Post

We can see why he used to drive Noah so crazy.  Ok, so I wasn't a huge fan of the show itself (I know I'm a horrible person) but the cast was beautiful.  


So You Just Gonna Be At The Concert Naked

This is when the party is too lit.  I don't know what he was doing before this, but it was too much because he's doing the most.  Listen if you can't handle your liqour or whatever he might be on, don't do it.  Because you'll end up being an internet meme. 


Its Ok To Be A Ho During Pride, And The Rest of The Year Too

"That's the ho spirit!" - Molly, Insecure. Sex is one of those things that nearly everyone has an opinion about. Although people are generally hesitant to talk about their own sex lives, ask them what they think about what others are doing behind closed doors and you'll probably get an earful. People in our society frown upon being promiscuous, but every where we turn, we are being sold sex. In music, movies, television, and THE INTERNET (this site included) we are bombarded with sexually suggestive messages (and sometimes it’s blatant).