No One Believes This Singaporean Man Is 50!

Meet ChuanDo Tan the age defying 50 Year Old From Singapore.  Clearly he's gotten a hold of whatever fountain of youth that keeps Larenz Tate, Pharrell and Angela Bassett looking like 2o years ago.

Chuan is a photographer and runs a photography company with his partner called ChuanDo & Frey. The pair have done regular work for international fashion titles such as Jalouse, Muse, Numéro & Numéro Homme (China), L’Officiel & L’Officiel Hommes (Singapore), Harper’s Bazaar (Singapore, China, Malaysia, and Thailand), Elle (Singapore, Spain and Czech) and Arena (Singapore).


Drama: Zell Swag of LLHH Hollywood Says Milan Christopher Gave Him Head

Apparently when Milan isn't taking his bottoms off, he's topping someone off?  At least thats what newest cast member of Love and Hip Hop Hollywood Zell Swag says.  The two recently exchanged words on Twitter as the show debuted and Milan explained why he wasn't on the current season.


In Case You Missed It: Jacob Anderson's Nude Scene From Last Night Game Of Thrones

AT laaaaaaaaast.  Those cakes have come along!  While there is plenty of female nudity on the show, they often skip out on the male side but we were happily surprised to see Jacob aka Grey Worm in his birthday suit.  Check out the scene below.


Gay man jailed for secretly filming sex with closeted bi man and uploading it to Xtube

A gay PR manager was jailed after secretly filming sex with a man in the closet and uploading the video to Xtube.

Matthew Christian, a 44-year-old from London, met the victim on dating site and had sex.

Without the knowledge of the closeted bisexual man, the video shows his face clearly on film. None of his friends, family or work colleagues knew of his bisexuality.

The video had been seen 150,000 times and shared across dozens of sites by the time it was pulled.


Jeramie Hollins Shares New Cake Pics

This is sure to brighten up anyone's day.  Jeramie is quickly becoming one of our favorites to watch.  He apparently knows we're watching because he keeps giving us everything we need.  Cheers to the freakin weekend.  And Jeramie!


6'8 Ex Baller Keith Thomas Alleged Huge Meat Pics

His B-ball career may have been cut short but the rest of him is long.  At 6'8 its a whole lot of man to take in. After his career in basketball took a turn for the worst after reports of transcript fraud, he's turned to modeling.  We have a feeling he'll have a lot easier time on the runway than the court with those abs.  


Gay Porn Star Says Husband Beat Him Up Then Hacked His Twitter Account

There's trouble in paradise for two married gay porn stars as they moved from beating up cheeks to beating each other up.  Seth Santoro has accused his husband Billy Santoro of  beating him up and locking him out of his twitter account so he couldn't ask for help.

From Str8upgayporn:

They’ve been married for at least the last four years, but gay porn stars Billy Santoro and Seth Santoro could be facing serious marital problems—and potentially criminal problems, for Billy—based on social media posts from Seth Santoro late Friday night.


Best of Eggplant Friday 7 21 2017

You know what day it is!  Its Friday!  That means nothing but eggplants all around.  Once again we've rounded up the best of the week.  Hope you enjoy this week's offering. Have a safe weekend. 

Alleged Screenshots of Ferrari Jackin His Meat on Snapchat

Shoutout to JamariFox for this one.  Before we get started though we wanna know who took screencaps and didn't bother to get the video?  I need you to do better.  With that being said Thanks bruh, or sis for this, because we were wondering what it looked like and why he had folks buying him cars and houses and rolexes.  The most my dick ever did was get my student loans paid off, but thats another story.  

We also hear he's in negotiations to join the cast of love and hip hop hollywood.  Will he have a gay or straight storyline?