Adventures In Online Dating and Gay Apps: Saying Sup and Other Greetings

Webster defines sup as a verb meaning to eat a meal in the evening, the urban dictionary defines it as a term that cool people use because they are too damn lazy to say What's up. However if you read any number of gay dating profiles sup is a word that can bring on blocks, unanswered messages and assumptions about your level of intelligence.

As I entered back into the dating scene a few months ago there seem to be an uprising about the word sup and its usage.   

Hit me with sup and you'll be blocked

No one word greetings like sup, whats up, yo

Greet me with slang and I will not respond

Miss me with all that hood talk

When I first read those profiles I was like really?  Whats the matter with sup or slang in general?  Its the internet and its 2015, every one and their mama and grandma literally uses slang and short hand to communicate.  Reading some of these profiles would have you think guys were hitting them up speaking in ancient Hebrew.

I don't have a problem with sup.  If you say sup to me I'll say sup back and if you chose to respond with something lengtheir next time so be it.  If not I'm still good.  I'd rather get sup any day than someone asking to suck my dick on the first message (more on that later)

I get it, depending on your reason for being online you would want to be greeted a certain way but to dismiss and entire segment of the already shallow gay dating pool based on words they may or may not be using seems silly.

What are your thoughts?


I will respond to sup
73% (188 votes)
I will not respond to sup
26% (68 votes)
Total votes: 256

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