Are You Comfortable Kissing Your Partner In Public?

Over the past week the news has been buzzing with stories about same sex couples being put out of restaurants and other places of business for being affectionate with one another.  How do you feel about public displays of affection?

The argument that most same sex couples use is "straight couples do this all the time"  You can walk any corner of the world and see straight couples practically fucking in public and no one bats an eye but if a same sex couple so much as wink at one another we're "throwing our gayness in their face."

Personally I don't mind seeing anyone kiss or whatever in public.  When you really care about someone, sometimes you just want to kiss on them and nuzzle them and you don't care where you are.  I think some people can take it overboard but as long as you aren't naked and dry humping in front of me gay straight or otherwise I don't care.

I'm more of a private person so I tend to reserve my affections for more intimate moments but occasionally I'll hold hands or sneak a kiss.  Because its taboo there is a thrill attatched to the act that I enjoy.  I also spent enough time hiding and hating life living in the closet that I'll be damned if someone tells me they have a problem with me kissing my boo in public.

How about you?

Yes, I'll Kiss My Boo Anywhere I Feel
63% (145 votes)
No, I'll Save My Affection For Our Private Time
36% (82 votes)
Total votes: 227


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