Could Fetty Wap Get The Business? Sexy or No?

We know what you're thinking, what the fuck is a Fetty Wap? He's a rapper from New Jersey, known mostly for his song "Trap Queen" and secondly for having one eye.  When he was a child, Wap developed glaucoma in both eyes. His doctors were unable to save his left eye. In an interview he stated that he decided to stop wearing his ocular prosthesis because he didn't want to be like everybody else.

Honestly we hadn't heard of him until the BET Awards Sunday but now that we have...

He has an appeal to him.  No lie.  I've dated guys with physical disabilities and limitations before.  So a missing eye would probably be a step up.

Yeah He Sexy
78% (189 votes)
Nope I'll Pass
21% (51 votes)
Total votes: 240

Oh Fetty.... <3

Posted by Grown By Aazah on Wednesday, July 1, 2015

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