Do Adult Film Stars Need To Have Nice Teeth?

Most of the time before I dive into to a movie, I'll read the comments of the video first to see if its worth the watch.  Sometimes the comments are helpful, sometimes hateful, harmful or hilarious.  Aliteration aside, the comments play a big part in the success of a video and of its stars.  Occasionally someone will send me a link and just say "read the comments" which is what I did for the star in question, Trey Turner.

In a video posted to Pornhub it shows Trey getting banged out by Romance and personally I enjoyed the film.

However a lot of the viewers couldn't get past Trey's teeth.  

My eyes went a lot of places on Trey's body during the video but his teeth weren't where my eyes were focused.  I don't know if I would have noticed his teeth if it hadn't been for the video. 

Now do I require nice teeth to date you, I mean it helps but thats what dental plans are for.  if you love him, you'll get his teeth fixed.  

Makes me wonder do porn stars have dental insurance, or insurance at all.  Better hop on The Affordable Care Act.


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