Do You Sleep In Your Partner's Clothes?

"When you're not here I sleep in your t-shirt, wake up in your t-shirt to smell the scent of your cologne."   Destiny's Child may have been on to something.  According to science if you like to sleep in your parnters clothes, you're not alone. 

I love to sleep in my guy's shorts or in a shirt that belongs to him.  I also don't mind if he sleeps in my stuff, I actually think it's sexy.

If you've ever intentionally smelled a partner's clothing for comfort, you're actually in the majority.  Preserving, smelling and wearing the clothes of a sexual partner while separated is common, and it's probably normal behavior, suggests a University of Pittsburgh study.

Researchers who surveyed undergraduate students in long-term relationships found over half of men had deliberately smelled their partner's shirt or underwear. A majority of men also report sleeping in or next to their partner's clothing.

Do you sleep in your partner's clothes

Yes I Wear My Partners Clothes
77% (75 votes)
No I Think Thats Strange
22% (22 votes)
Total votes: 97


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