Eating Ass On A Crowded Public Street: Too Much Or Not Enough?

When raunchy meets ratchet? I've heard of wanting a man in the streets and a freak in the bed but I didn't know some guys wanted a freak in the streets too.  Now I love getting my ass ate, and getting ate outside isn't so bad either, but this.  First, this is some bold ass shit.  It takes balls of steel (or bumps of cocaine)...or both, to do some freaky stuff like this outside of Blatino Oasis.  Clearly there are levels to this shit that we were unaware of.

Would you engage in public acts of raunchiness or does this cross the line?

No, Save That For Behind Closed Doors
76% (626 votes)
Yes, Watch Me, I'll Put On A Show
23% (191 votes)
Total votes: 817

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