Love and Online Dating: No Pic No Response?

Do you require a picture to carry on a conversation online?  Back in the beginning of gay online dating with aol groups, yahoo chat rooms and (gasp) the phone chatline, it was possible that you would talk to a guy and not know what he looked like until you were about to meet or he emailed you a picture.  With the advent of camera phone, it seemed like over night guys were demanding you have a picture up or you would would be blocked upon contact. 

Some guys found a work around by posting every body part but their face, or someone else altogether. 

I've heard plenty of reasons why guys won't post their pictures.  In my immediate area there are a lot of guys with government jobs and top secret clearance who don't want their face all over the net (but they've fucked half the state).  There are the DL guys who don't want any one to know they are gay (but they've fucked the other half of the state)  The other reason is usually low self esteem.   If a guy has been told one time too many that he's not plesant to look upon he is NOT showing his face.

Back in my younger and dumber days I'd meet a guy with with no pic and I've had good and bad experiences, mostly bad, but lessons learned.  If for no other reason other than SAFETY, I'm not meeting anyone with out a face pic and we are meeting some place in public.  People are still catfishing and if suspect such I'll ask you to skype or video chat.

The Good:  I've met some nice, attractive guys who just didn't have a picture up because they just weren't out there like that.  The stats were correct, they weren't crazy and I didn't have to block them, make up an excuse to leave, or file a restraining order.

The Bad:  I see why you didn't have picture up.  Private or otherwise.  If I had seen what you looked like we would not have met.  Today tomorrow or EVER. 

What about you?  Do you need a pic to talk and meet up? 

Yes, You Need To Have A Picture To Talk To Me
83% (294 votes)
No, I Love Blind Dates
16% (58 votes)
Total votes: 352

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