Is Smoking Weed Still A Turn Off Now That Is More Socially Acceptable?

I remember when I first started dating (and before I had tried weed myself) I did not want to date a guy that smoked weed.  I hadn't been exposed to it, hadn't been around people that smoked it and only heard bad things about it.  Nowadays its not only a lot more socially acceptable but its a lot more legal.  After trying it and discovering that it wouldn't kill you after the first use and that I actually rather enjoyed it, smoking weed became kind of a non factor.  In fact, now I usually WON'T date someone if they don't smoke.  So how do you feel about guys that smoke now? 

I'm 420 Friendly
70% (121 votes)
Yes Its Still A Turn Off
29% (50 votes)
Total votes: 171

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