Would You Date A Man That's Been To Jail?

Almost every gay porn studio has at least one prison fantasy themed movie their catalog, but for many incarceration is very real. One in every 34 adults in the United States has been incarcerated, is currently incarcerated or is under supervision of some kind by the Department of Corrections, according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics. With the media exsposing the many injustices that exist within the criminal justice system, and how many men of color are often unfairly targeted, meeting someone that has spent time in jail is a real possibility.  But is it a deal breaker?

Similar to the challenges they face not being able to find employment, men who have been to prison often have a hard time getting into the dating scene. 

Personally I deal with everyone on an individual basis as opposed to lumping anyone thats been to jail in a pile marked undatable.  I know guys that have been to jail and came out and turned their lives completely around, likewise I know a few that can't seem to stay out of trouble.  And we all know someone thats a criminal that just hasn't been caught.  I think it also depends on what they went to jail for. 

So would you give a guy thats been to jail a chance?

Yes I would date someone thats been behind bars. Free Lucious!
89% (727 votes)
No, I won't date a man thats been to jail.
10% (86 votes)
Total votes: 811

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