Would You Date Someone Who Is Constantly Naked On Social Media?

For many partial or full on nudity is a form of expression.  For others its full on thotism.  While many don't mind their significant other showing off their body to the masses some have been known to be jealous and we've seen relationships distroyed over likes and comments.  

I used to tell my ex he had a fan club.  A group of 20 people I could count on posting or liking something seconds after he posted it.  It never really bothered me though because he wasn't cheating.  

Last week after THAT secret Facebook group jumped off, we saw a lot of folks looking to date who had all their goodies on display.  While many hit them with the "Inbox me" others made it clear they would pass on the opportunity. 

No their body is to be seen by me only
63% (207 votes)
Yes I would date someone who shows off on social media
36% (118 votes)
Total votes: 324

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