Would You Date Someone Who Currently Or Used To Star in Adult Films?

Would you date someone who had starred in an adult film?  In a time where anyone with a camera phone can be a porn star is it still taboo?  Everybody has fucked somebody they just may not have done it on camera and some of us have fucked  guys with xtube videos and don't even know it.

While I haven't dated anyone who has done anything on camera, I have had sex with someone I later found out was in some flicks. I was a little shocked at first, mostly because when we were together he acted like a prude and meanwhile I was watching him take dicks in every opening of his body.  

Would I date someone who was currently appearing in movies?  Probably not.  I'm not big on sharing when it comes to my bae.  You can fuck who every you want when we're not together but when its you and me, thats all I want.  

As far as dating a retired porn star, I think I could give it a twirl.  Again I'm not concerned with who you were fucking before me and I don't care who you fuck after me, just keep it in your pants while we're together and we're good.  

What about you?


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