Would You Role Play As A Plantation Slave For Someone's Sexual Fantasy?

Role playing can be a fun way to spice up your sexual experience.  It opens up a new world of erotisism you may not have known existed.  Adding costumes and props really enhances it because you really get into character.  The possibilities are endless (I once dressed up as an astronaut---don't ask) but often role playing involves a dominant figure and a subserviant or submissive character such as the professor and the student, the Father and the Son, the Coach and the Athlete. 

As I stated earlier I've been pretty open when it came to costume and role playing ideas but I had to draw the line when this white guy I was fooling around with asked me to dress up as a plantation slave. I'm talking wearing something Straight Outta Roots with a chain around my neck, pretending to pick cotton and letting him call me a nigger while he whipped me.

At least that's the vibe I was getting.  So I polietly declined and we never hooked up after that.

Now I get the whole master, sex slave bdsm idea and if you want to dress up in black leather and fuck me in a swing hanging from the ceiling while applying some nipple clamps we can discuss some things, but that is not what he was talking about. 

I wasn't neccesarily offended, because it takes a lot to offend me, I was just wasn't aroused by the idea of reenacting what was hell on earth for my ancestors so he could get a nut.

When doing research for this article I was a tad intrigued at the number of men of color that were actually into this and there are quite a few.  I wasn't suprised though.  Nothing about people's sexual fantasies surprises me anymore.

So what would you do?  Would you dress up as a slave?

No, Racism Has No Place In The Bedroom
72% (138 votes)
Yes, I Want That Pre Civil War Fuck Down
27% (52 votes)
Total votes: 190

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