Would You Sit Through A Homophobic Church Sermon?

Because who doesn't love hearing about how something they have no control over will damn them to hell.  Ah the childhood memories of growing up as a preacher's kid.  I sat through enough of that shit against my will to voluntarily do it now.  I've long since distanced myself from the church so when a friend of mine invited me to attend a Sunday service I was was reluctant. 

"Come the choir is really good, and there's a really good message.  You'll feel right at home!"

So I went. 

He was right.  The choir was good.  Excellent actually.  I was almost moved to tears. 

The message was some garbage, but he was right about the third part.  I did feel right at home.  The pastor took the mic and for the next 15 minutes he spewed enough hate to make members of Westboro Baptist Church say "hey you're taking it too far"

I look over at my boi and he's standing up like:

For a moment I thought I was witnessing a miracle, because he had been whoshiping dick the night before.  I tapped him on the shoulder and told him I was going to wait for him in the car. 

I couldn't can't and don't understand why he would go back this church week after week pouring his money into an organization that preached hate.  Then I thought about all the other gay men and women in the church doing the same thing, singing in the choir, ushering, and playing music, contributing their time and talents.  There are plenty of churchs that don't so why support one that does?

What would you do?  Would you stay and listen to a homophobic sermon or would you get up and leave?

No, I'm taking my tithes and tamborine and going up younder
69% (92 votes)
Yes, Like Effie I'm Staying
21% (29 votes)
I'm staying for the free wine and crackers
8% (11 votes)
Total votes: 132

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