Would You Trust Your Parents To Arrange Your Marriage To A Stranger?

Let me tell you my answer right now.  Fuck no.  I was flipping through the channels the other day and came across a program called Arranged.  The show follows the life of three different couples from three different cultural backgrounds who marry someone that their parents have choosen from them.  Even though all the couples were straight, it got me to thinking with marriage equality passing how would this work for gay men who wanted to follow the family tradition of being arranged. Would I let my parents pick out a complete stranger for me to marry.  No, No, No.  I don't trust the two of them to pick out socks for me.  I couldn't imagine the two of them attempting to come together to pick out a man for their son. 

Not to say that it couldn't be done.  I know some guys that have that type of relationship with their parents where they talk about their boyfriends and love life.  I'm just not one of those people.  I think my parents could look at my exes and possibly determine what I like physically in a guy but thats where it ends.

What about you?

No I Would Not Want To Be Arranged By My Parents
90% (63 votes)
Yes, I Trust My Parents With Picking My Mate
10% (7 votes)
Total votes: 70


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