Eggplant Fridays

Best of Eggplant Friday 8 18 2017

With all thats been going on in the world this week we needed a pick me up.  Its been a couple of weeks since we did an Eggplant Friday but here were are with the hottness.  Theres something here for everyone so enjoy. 

Eggplant Friday 8 11 2017: This Guy Working Out With His Meat Out

Like bruh, you know your meat is hanging out of your shorts.  You have to know. 


Best Of Eggplant Friday 8 4 2017: Big Meat Jackin

For your viewing pleasure and consideration.  Every once in a while we do a video version of Eggplant Friday so here you go!



Best of Eggplant Friday 7 28 2017

The last one of the month.  You know how we do.  We'll be here each and every Friday with the hotness!  Enjoy and have a good weekend. 

Best of Eggplant Friday 7 21 2017

You know what day it is!  Its Friday!  That means nothing but eggplants all around.  Once again we've rounded up the best of the week.  Hope you enjoy this week's offering. Have a safe weekend. 

Best Of Eggplant Friday 7 14 2017

Don't look surprised, we bring it to you every Friday!  Its everyone's favorite day of the week.  If Justen Ruff wasn't enough for you earlier we've got a few more eye candy pieces for you to chew on.  Have a great weekend.

Best of Eggplant Friday 6 30 2017: Just The Meat

We're here for everyone's favorite day of the week again.  If you've had a rough one, don't worry it's almost over!  And for a lot of us it's a 4 day weekend.  Enjoy and stay safe.

Best of Eggplant Friday 6 23 2017

Just like Arby's we have the meats.   Hopefully you've had a great week and if you haven't here's to a great weekend.  We'll catch you next weekend, same bat time same bat channel.  R.I.P Adam West