You've Got Something On Your Face Part 10

Its Always Somebody At The Gym Cutting Up

And he usually has a phat ass like this guy lol.  We're not really complaining because we like seeing phat butts jiggle around and such.  He just looks like he's having too good of a time.  If exercising was this much fun everyone would be at the gym. 



When It's So Good He Start Climbing The Walls

Normally it's the bottom that would be climbing the walls but this dude is trying to Spiderman in that thing.



Just Because: Hot Tub Bounce

He Is Kinda Thick

Gay Guys Take The Hot Pepper Challenge

This isn't the first time they've had something hot in their mouths.  And everyone knows you're supposed to swallow instead of spit.  Can these guys take the heat? 


Just Because: This Guy Jumping Around With His Cakes Out

We're not sure whats going on here. Something about Fritos.  We're pretty sure the guy in black is calling the police though.  He looks like he was just trying to enjoy his meal be fore ole boy just went off for no reason.  



Paul Labile Pogba and Jesse Lingard Show Off Their New Goal Celebration And Some Cakes

Time well spent in our opinion.  If you're making goals like that.  We're here mostly for those lil cakes he's showing off. 



That Dancing Barber Is Back: Shirtless and Swinging His Dick Around

I could not get my hair cut here, but I would go just for the show.  Clearly he knows he's gone viral because he's wearing less clothes in each one thats come out since the beginning. We are not complaining at all though. 



Video: This Guy Taking A Shit In A Trash Can In New York City

When they say you will be able to see anything in NYC they mean it.  I've had to shit really bad at times but never this bad.  I can't imagine having to shit bad enough that I would do it in broad daylight in the open.