Parking Lot Sag

Eggplant Friday: Issa Snack

Hump Day: Long Strokin Em

So You're Just Gonna: Workout With Your Dick On Brick

I don't know what he was trying to prove.  Maybe nothing at all.  But we got the point.  And the tip and the shaft and whatever else he wanted us to see.


What Type Of Gay Drinking Game Is This

None of the drinking games I play involved me getting hot with a chair, tho a few have started and ended with me kissing a guy and smoking.  So I almost relate to this.  Almost.



Just Because: This Guy Hovering With His Ass Out

Is this the new thing to do?  If it is we can't wait to see if its gonna extend to the front.  We'll settle for the back for now though.  I guess its to air it out or make one more aerodynamic.  



So You're Just Gonna: Pose For the Camera While Your Boi Gives Head

This is why everyone can't be your camera man.  You're supposed to be getting the action and you in the background posing and mugging for the camera.  If you are going to do all that you should join in or at least be naked.  



Fuck Buddies For Real: When You Getting Your Ass Ate While Your Boi Getting His Dick Sucked

Or with friends like these who needs Jack'd.  When I first saw this I was like ok cute guy getting his ass ate cool. whoooooooooooooa that was unexpected.  



Upside Down Head

Just Because: This Guy Washing His Car Naked