Fun With Toys

Straight Guy Tells Story About Gay Hood Dude That Tried To Holla

It's good to know that he didn't take it so seriously.  Has a gay person I can relate that it is an unusual experience to have a guy holler at you from his car something that didn't happen to me until I moved to the city.  My story isn't as funny as this guy's though.




Video Surfaces of Ricky Whittle of American Gods Whacking His Wood

He may not be a god but he's blessed.  All over.  Don't get me wrong American Gods is a great show all on its own but Ricky aka Shadow Moon makes it more watchable.  I never caught him on the 100 but I may have to go back and watch it since he's on there and lights up the screen.  I'm not sure who he did this video for but its LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG.  LIterally and figuratively. 

Just Because: This Guy Walking Around The Mall In His Boxers

The most entertaining part of this video is the woman in the furniture store that is completely unbothered by all of this.  She's sitting there like once a week around this time someone always comes in with no clothes on and acts a fool.  She's the real MVP.

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