Video:Pastor Tries To Perform Exorcism Of Sexual Demon Through Mans Penis

Now if more of this was going on at First Tabernacle I might start attending regularly again. You can always count on our brothers and sisters from across the pond to give us something crazy to watch.



And Now These Suspect Moments In College Wrestling

The real question is who recorded all these closeups 



Man Posts Video Of Him Smashing "Homeless Trade" And We Have Questions

So yeah, I'm not judging at all because you can run into a homeless guy on jack'd who just has a strong wifi connection but thats another post.  I never really got the allure of doing a homeless guy or trade so smashing homeless trade is just not something thats on my list of things I need to experience before I die.  We do have some questions though.

Did he shower first?  

Does it really matter?

Are you really not gonna use a condom?

Did you really just eat is ass too?


He Makes Me Wanna Switch To T-Mobile

Not really.  I'm just fine with my cellular service provider. He's cute tho.  I would buy my accessories from his store.



Omarion Showing Off His Meat Print Again

With meat like that does B2K really need to get back together?  The other day on Love & Hip Hop when Lil Fizz was talking to Ray J about the group getting back together I couldn't name one B2K song. But I remembered Omarion's songs and of course that video of him doing pull-ups.



Snapchat Video Catches Gay Couple Smashing In The Bathroom During Dallas Pride

This video proves that everything is bigger in Texas.  Big meat, big cakes.  I personally have never smashed in a PUBLIC bathroom, but sometimes when you gotta do it, you just do it wherever.  And isn't pride about living your life out in the open, unashamed!  Unbothered! Get your life kids.

via Myron De'Juan 



Video: “You aint say that when i sucked yo d*ck tho” Man Outs Friend During Fight

This is why the say keep your friends close, and the guys you let mouth your meat on the low closer.  But at least you don't have to hide anymore...even if you did just lose a friend.  



Aazah Video Exclusive: Khi Lavene and Understand Trap Getting It In

Are the big studios not doing it for you anymore? Then check out one of our favorite up and coming performers!  Khi Lavene has been showing off in his past couple of videos and this one is no different.