Woman Catches Two Guys Smashin In The Dumpster Behind Her Apartment

Couple of things.  Is it the natural inclination to record when you see two people getting it in?  Then after discovering it was two guys and you're "so disgusted" but you kept recording?  We do wanna know why money was exchanged tho.  It was too quick for me to have paid for that.  



Tyson Beckford Showing Off His Cheeks in Chippendale's Show

I don't know that I would pay to see him naked when I can just look at him for free on Instagram but this is still fun to watch.



Guy Accidentally Records His Teammates Naked In Locker Room

Well that's one way to increase your followers. I guess you're so used to seeing nudity in a locker room that when you're recoding you probably didn't even notice.  Well we did.



Caught His Roommate Jackkin

This is why you always lock the door if you don't live alone and people don't like to knock.  



Whip It Out

When Your Friend Thinks You're Gay

We aren't sure if this was a skit or if this was real but it was uncomfortable.  They will probably kiss and make up later.



Now I See Why Some Guys Like Muscle Booty

This video certainly made me a fan.  Kinda, sorta, maybe.  As long as it still jiggles like this.  Some muscle butts are hard as rocks, no bounce to it at all.  



Weighing In Naked

Workout Print