Another Fight Breaks Out At DC Gay Club Nellies

If you can't go to Nellies, where the hell can we go?  No seriously.  You can count on two things at Nellies, racism and a fight.  Neither goes well with vodka or whiskey.  



Sofa Smash

Slo Mo Smash

New Scene Alert: KeptSecretxxx and JD Blackstone

Of course its already a classic in the making!  They're fucking, inside, outside and every hole.  Its a masterpiece. 


New Scene Alert: KeptSecretxxx and Dre Dre "Spliting Him Open"

KeptSecretxxx is probably one of our favorite amateur performers because he takes his work seriously and we've watched his videos get better content and production wise. While this video is great it does prove once again why you can't eat at everyone's house.  Folks just fucking all over their kitchen.  

Check out the preview below and be sure to head over to


Workout Motivation: This Guy Doing Pullups Naked With His Meat Hanging

This is why you have to wear clothes at the gym.  He's gonna put somebody's eye out or knock over somebody's creatine mix and thats just not gonna be fun for anybody.  You could actually use it as a bar and do your pullups on it.