Eat It Then Beat It

Rapper Cash Out Drops And His Print Are What Dreams Are Made Of

We stayed in this Friday so that means we're here to catch all the social media shenanigans that have happened.  Cash out is like a low budget Game.  Doesn't put out much music but is always flashing his meat on Instagram.  Whatever gets you likes and views I guess. 



No Homo! Comedy Team Shows Straight Guys In the Gayest of Situations

With friends like these who needs Jack'd.  I personally don't take offense to No Homo though I do think it plays into tropes and toxic masculinity.  However.  Funny is funny and this made us laugh.  


Jim Jones Poolside Workout Print

Jim Jones is out here looking like a snack.  But he's also managed to remind us the importance of keeping up with your workout no matter where you are in the world.  You don't need a gym!  You just need the will. 



Vlogger Andrew Braxton Gives 4 Month Update After His Brazilian Butt Lift

Looks like money well spent to me.  I'm in no way against or above plastic surgery especially if you get results like this.  Andrew has been chronicling his journey via Facebook and Youtube for the past 4 months ending up on Mediatakeout and Worldstar.  Check out the video below and let him know what you think about the results!


So You're Just Gonna: Let Someone Take A Dump In Your Mouth (NSFW)

There's an old song that says "I will do anything for love but I won't do that", this is where I draw the line. I honestly think this is worse than that two girls one cup video.  Nothing against anyone that is a fan of Scat and likes people to take shits in their mouth it's just not for me. There are a lot of things that we do during sex that could be considered unhealthy but I think this is probably the worst.  I don't even like the smell of my own shit so I know somebody else is shit is not going to turn me on.  Eating it you can fucking forget that.