So You're Just Gonna: Let Somebody Fist You In A Crowd

How loose and ready must one be to get fisted in broad daylight in the middle of a crowd.  I don't know and I don't wanna know.  We hadn't done a "so you're just gonna" in a minute but what a way to bring this back.  LOL@ the person recording though, he was not enjoying it, yet kept filming.  



You've Got A Hole In Your Boxers Bruh

We think he knows tho.  



Story Time: He Tried To Bite My Meat Off

This is not what anyone means when they say show me what that mouth do.  If you've ever had someone in experienced go down it will feel like master shredder got a hold of your meat. Watch as Rod tells his story. 


Darren Fleet Presents: Mamas Always Know (When You're Gay)

This was hilarious!  I've been in both positions where I've recieved the talk before meeting someone's mama and giving the talk before someone meets my family.  As you get a little older and wiser you soon realize family always knows, especially your mama.


They Made A Mess

He Really Just Stuffed His Balls In His Hole

Every week running this site I always say that is the craziest shit I've seen. I'm going to have to start saying that's the craziest shit I've seen this week. I'm just in awe that he can do this in the first place because my balls are too sensitive for all this.