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Gay Best Friends Fight Over Guy They Both Want To Date

He must be one helluva guy for these two to be fighting over.  Not really.  All the men in the world and you gonna fight your best friend over somebody.  I think not.  Its not worth it sus!  Seriously though, this was absurb and they ought to both be ashamed of themselves.  They're lucky no one was there to yell "Worldstar"



Couple Rechard and Darell Share Their Coming Out Stories

Everyone has a coming out story.  This week we here how popular vloggers and real life couple Rechard and Darell came out to those closest to them.  As they say in the description, grab your popcorn!  Its juicy! 


So You're Just Gonna: Play With Your Meat While You Get Your Hair Cut

So we've already had a discussion about how people get turned on at the barber shop.  But I don't know if I want my meat out while the razor blades are out too.  I also don't think my barber would agree to cutting my hair while I'm naked and playing with my dick so this will probably never happen. 



Gay Hurricane Harvey Survivors Caught Smashing In the Middle of the Shelter

I mean, I may not have done it out in the open, but I can't think of a better way to ease the stress of being flooded out of your home and losing everything you own.  I probably would have snuck to a bathroom or something, but I get it.  


Volcano Nut

WTF: Man Gets Eggplant Removed From His Rectum

This almost makes us wanna stop doing Eggplant Fridays, almost.  But this is not what they are for bruh!  I guess the good news is he wrapped it in a condom so he was practicing safe sex but still!  No sir.