A Tough Act To Follow: Documentary Examines Women & Black Gay Men In Comedy & Film

"A Tough Act To Follow" is a revealing short film filled with stories and perspectives from actors and comics about the challenges of being black, being gay, being women in comedy clubs and Hollywood.  The documentary features Sampson McCormick, Adele Givens, Darryl Stephens, Karen Williams, Luenell, Karen Ripley & Sinbad. Co-Produced by Emmy Award winning director Todd Clark.


That Time Tyra Banks Interviewed Gay For Pay Film Stars

”Porn is porn…. I say I’m straight, and I really am. I’m married, 3 kids…. I don’t really get aroused for anybody but my, but, for my fans. Knowing that, in the back of my mind, that they’re watching me — if they want me to perform at my best, that gives me a little motivation…. I feel more in control [receiving]. When I work with another guy, I’m not comfortable necessarily giving compared to receiving, because, I don’t know. I feel like, it’s easy for me to do, and I can do it and at least feel like I’m having a good time without being gay.”


Quick Bounce

WTF: Real Life Mermaid Gives Head Underwater

Now you all know its very rare we post straight shit on here so when we do you know you're about to see something crazy.  I don't know how she was able to injest that much water and nut all while holding her breath for that long and keep sucking dick.  Like this is some next level shit.  She needs to give swimming lessons and head game lessons.



We Need To Join This Workout Class

This ain't your grandma's Jane Fonda workout tapes thats for sure.