So You're Just Gonna: Sit On Your Balcony and Jack Your Meat

I mean he looks like he's having a good time but damn what time of day is this?  He is just all out in the open with no cares in the world.  I wish I was this carefree but no bueno.  



How Does It Feel?

Watch: Trailer For New Black Gay Webseries "Honest Men" From Tyson Anthony

Introducing "Honest Men" A show about fatherhood, their sons, and the boy next door. Featuring the return of Tripp Ali and based on the novel "Fatherly Figure" by Tyson Anthony


He Can't Seem To Keep His Clothes On

This is the same guy that was cooking with his meat and cakes out.  Now he's just walking around outside for no reason without clothes.  Which we have absolutely no problem with.  



Cop Accidentally Grabs Guys Meat During Frisk

In all fairness it does look like a deadly weapon.