Video: Blac Chyna's Ex Boyfriend Ferrari Showing Off His Print and Cakes

Well we can see what Blac Chyna saw in him for sure.  He's been kinda laying low lately besides his social media posts. Though there was word he was in talks with Mona Scott to appear on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta.  That would be interesting to say the least. 




Highway Head

This looks dangerous but exciting.  Now I've gotten head while driving but never without any clothes on.  May have to try that out.  Khi has some of the best amatuer videos.  He's my type of freak. 



Tall With A Big Dick: Video Edition Double Feature

He's got two videos.  The first one is ok, but the second one is CRAAAAAAZY!  Well not so much crazy as is it freaky and nasty.




Romeo and Gio Share More Homemade Clips of Them Getting It In

What we like about Romeo and Gio's vid is they they make you want to nut AND fall in love. If these two started their own studio and website we'd be the first ones signing up.


Fitted Head

Gay Porn Scene Turns Into The Funniest Meme of the Year [NSFW]

I totally get this because I don't like people doing anything in front of my salad so fucking would def be out of the question. 

If you’re not up-to-date on the “Right in front of my salad” memes of today, don’t worry, we gotchu. A scene from a gay porn film which features two guys fucking in the kitchen, while one woman is sitting in front of them dining on… yes, you guessed it, a salad.


Hump Day 8 2 2017