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Guys Caught On Surveillance Camera Having A Threesome In An Alley

Just like you have to look both ways before you cross the street, you have to look at all the rooftops and building corners before you decide to have a threesome outdoors.  Or maybe they wanted to get caught.  



Gay Three Way Couple Opens Up On How They Make It Work

At first I was like, what is this bullshit, but then I thought about how hard a time I've had making it work with one person.  These guys might be on to something.  I don't know if a three way is for me though.  I'm way to jealous and possessive.  If they like It I love it though. 


Baby Shower

Watch: This Man Running Through Philly Naked Yelling "Illuminati"

If you've ever been to Philly you know that crazy shit happens there all the time.  Here's one of those things.  I'm not sure if we're looking at mental illness, drug use or both.  


These Male Strippers Really Put On A Show

This is why I like gay male strippers.  These dudes are putting in WORK.  Rihanna work. Ciara work.  Missy Elliott Work.