14 Things Good Ass Will Make You Do

If good dick changes your life then good ass will set your spirit free and loosen the chains of oppresion.  Falling into some good ass can immediately turn around your day and make you forget about your troubles.  With all goood things there are some side effects that you may exprience once you get some good ass.

Contrary to what most people think, all ass is not created equal.  Some asses are prettier than others, some get wetter than others, some are warmer than others, and some are deeper than others. 

In general, tops are happy if you let them smash. For them, “‘’okay’ is good”.  But every once in a while, a man comes across some great ass.  No, I mean some REALLY great ass.

Here are some things good ass will make you do

1. Sleeping However to Make Sure He's Comfortable

You could be laying on his arm and his shit fell asleep hours ago.  But you know what?  He’s not gone move a damn muscle because that ass was so good he don’t care how he sleeps.  You could take all the cover and all the pillows and he’s gone make that shit work.  He won’t wanna wake you up after you did such a great job. In his mind: Man, fuck comfort!

2. He Can Go a Few Extra Rounds

Some guys don’t realize that dicks get sore.  But if he’s been slangin’ that dick from 12am to 2am and busted numerous fat nuts, his dick is done for.  Sometimes he doesn’t even want to touch it afterwards. However, when the ass is good, he’ll disregard all the signs of exhaustion and muster the energy to go one more round. Fuck it, he’ll suffer in the morning.

3. Have You Getting the Haircut He Likes Most on You

He’s been getting a Fresh Philly Temple Fade since Junior High.  One day his barber convinced him to switch it up and he copped a bald fade.  You dug it.  You seductively rubbed his head before ya’ll started knocking boots.  Now, ever since you said something, he’s been copping the fade. That’s what good ass will do to you.

4. Telling His Boys He’s Staying In

All the fellas know what’s going down when he stops hitting the streets and the club up like he used to. Every time they hit him, he say “Naw bruh, I think I’ma chill with shorty tonite. I’ma get up with ya’ll later.”  Soon as his boys get off the phone they’re like “This muthafucka here!” and clown him for the rest of the night. Funny thing is though, he gives zero fucks.

5. Have Him Googling New Moves to Do

When you have good as you will have a dude wanting to step his dick game up.  He surfing the web, looking at Kama Sutra, and even going back to his porn stash for sex move references. Good ass will have a man buck naked in the bed waiting and ready to do a new move.  You can’t tell if he’s trying to fuck or wrestle.

6. Make Him Sing to You (And He Can’t Even Sing)

After bussing a miraculous nut even the most hardened criminal becomes a little goofy. Both of ya’ll will be butt booty naked running around the crib playing tag or singing songs and shit. That clap back will have a man acting like a child again.

7. Make Him Consider Being Your Boyfriend

Premium ass will have him wanting to lock it down and make it official. He thought about it because he’s not trying to have another guy double-dipping in that. If you puttin’ cheeks on him, he’ll be alone in your dim ass living room, sipping Hennessy on your couch, contemplating being a committed man.

8. Have Him in the Gym

Last time he looked in the mirror, he noticed that six-pack wasn’t sitting like it use to. That Good Good will have him getting on that treadmill and benching his life away so he won’t have to hear about Idris Elba  and Michael B Jordon every damn day. Instead of eating Doritos, he’s eating granola bars now, trying to get fit just for the bedroom.

9. Have Him DVR'ing Your Favorite Shows for When You Come Over

When men want to keep something in their life they become considerate. DVR’ing Empire, Scandal, and American Horror Story for you is a grown man move. He’s trying to get in there good and keep that ass locked up. 

10. Have Him Agreeing with You When He KNOW’S You’re Wrong

A man is not trying to do anything that may jeopardize him getting some on the regular. If you think Chris Brown is a better performer than Michael Jackson, he’ll go with that.  If you think Lil Wayne will always be a better lyricist than Nas, he’ll go with that too. If you say Jordan could never guard Lebron, he’ll even roll with that.

11. Have Him Cooking

What did he cook? Most likely it was chicken breasts and broccoli or maybe it was spaghetti. Every man has one go-to dish that they’ve perfected.  Even if a man is only a rudimentary cook, he’ll carry his ass in the kitchen to be able to hit again.   After all, how can you swing off the shower curtain rod if you famished???

12. Make Him Wanna Have Phone Sex

He was too grown for phone sex six months ago. But when he hears your voice and you’re talking all nasty, he’ll whip the dick out. You might be out of town, but he’s gone buss a nut regardless. You know how to keep a man entertained even when you’re not physically there.  He just might think you’re a keeper!

13. Spend His Last on Gas To Get To You

He could have $13.78 in his account and be starvin’ like Marvin.  But if you hit him up, he's gonna gas up the car and drive right past MickieD’s on the way to your house. Understand the game, yes, you have food at your house, but he doesn’t know that.  In his mind, fuck it, I’ll have to starve tonight.  It ain’t every day that a dude gets to bounce in some wet springy ass.

14. Pulling Out Every 2 Minutes

No man wants to nut too quick.  That good good  will have him pulling out, giving himself pep talks, and stroking super slow just so he can hang.  You know your ass is good when he can’t even look down at it while he’s fuckin’.  Because if he does…it’s a wrap.

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