22-Year-Old Straight Guy Says He Gets Turned On By Big Dicks

In a new Reddit thread titled “22 male straight getting arroused [sic] by hard cocks… why?,” airy1337 writes:

    It is like it is – I really like to watch hard (mostly big) cocks, sometimes I even like to see gay anal sex… I could never imagine to have sex with a man and never would I do it. It is even a big turn down for me.

    I have a girlfriend but we are living in a ldr right now so I get horny sometimes. Do you think there is something bisexual I never considered before? Does someone experience something similar?


As usual, other Reddit users are happy to offer their opinions on airy1337’s predicament.

“You probably just have a cock infatuation,” throwitawaynowchow diagnoses. “A lot of guys have that even if they aren’t attracted to guys in general.”

“You are probably doing a thing that you are putting yourself in the place of a guy with a really big one,” Ichoseaname says. Then he adds, “[D]on’t worry about it.”

Reddit user lifedifferent says he can relate: “I understand were your coming from, you find big dicks a turn on, but the idea of being with a man is off putting, you are attracted to men in some way but because society said it’s wrong to be that way you don’t want to admit it to ur self u r bi curious I would say which is fine just go with it and see where it goes.”

Tazerin says he agrees with lifedifferent‘s “bi-curios” theory. “Dicks are great!” he exclaims. “Sexual organs are arousing. Maybe you’re a little bi-curious, but I think you’re probably just associating a hard dick with sex and getting turned on from that.”

But airy1337 isn’t buying it. He says he’s totally, 100 percent straight. His fascination with “hard (mostly big) cocks” and gay anal sex is a completely heterosexual obsession.

“I do not want to try it,” he insists. “The thinking of touching a man in a sexual way turns me down.”

We like looking at big dicks to so here's a few:

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