50 Cent: Vivica Fox Thinks I'm Gay "Cause I Let Her Lick My Ass"

50 Cent appeared on Bravo’s ‘Watch What Happens Live’ on Thursday night and he's still talking about Vivica Fox.

During his visit, host Andy Cohen asked 50 about Vivica Fox’s insinuations regarding his sexuality from her last trip to the clubhouse.

If you recall, Vivica playfully hinted that 50 Cent is gay and it set off a shade-fest on Instagram.

 “I said to myself, personally, I said, ‘Oh no! ‘Cause I let her lick my ass, she thinks I’m gay!’ said 50 in response — and the ass-licking conversation only continued from there.

Vivica respoded via Instagram saying "That NEVER happened and you know it QUEEN!"

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