6 Reasons You Should Workout Naked

Working out naked sound strange? Or maybe not! Think about if you were actually able to attend the gym in the nude. Would you be more comfortable? Well believe it or not, many studies show it can be extremely beneficial.


Burn more Calories:

First of all, it’s been said that you can burn more calories since you weigh a little lighter without clothes on. You’re not lifting as much and you’re not heavier, so your body is more flexible. Therefore you would be able to do more during your exercise.

Finding areas:

Secondly, seeing what areas your working out more can be helpful. If you could see exactly what your stomach, boobs, or  buttocks is doing while you workout maybe you will be forced to modify your routine. Or maybe not?! Either way, when you work out you can definitely see where your muscles constrict and what part of your body is actually benefiting from it.

Airing out:

Now this point is pretty shocking, but if you wear clothing while you workout your technically not giving your skin enough air. Instead, your allowing your skin to continue absorbing the toxins that are coming out. Yeah, pretty disgusting right. 

Saving money:

I’ll give you a minute to think about how much money you spend on workout gear. Do you realize how much you can be saving if you just work out naked? If you’re tired of spending money on sports bra after sports bra, and those workout dry fit shirts/pants that aren’t cheap, then I think you’ll think twice about this.

Blood Flow:

 Working out in  tight fitness gear does not allow your blood to flow properly. Think about it! If your muscles were able to constrict more you’d be getting a better workout.

Boost your confidence:

Overall working out naked is said to work wonders for your confidence. If your confidence is boosted you tend to do better, right? So that means you will go harder each time you hit the gym. Besides sometimes our bodies tend to look much thinner with less clothing on. Often times, wearing the wrong clothing sizes or clothes that don’t fit our body type, can make us look bigger then we truly are.
It’s been said that if you spend 15 minutes in the nude everyday your confidence is boosted 20%, so why not workout nude?!


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