9 Ways To Become A Better Kisser

How to kiss, and how to be a better kisser is not one of those things that we are actually ever taught. In fact, no one besides the people we choose to “practice” with can teach us about kissing. Thats why we've put together a list of tips and tricks that can improve your kissing experience.

Kissing is not only fun, but really important too!

According to The Science of Kissing: What Our Lips are Telling Us, 66 percent of women and 59 percent of men reported ending a relationship as a result of poor kissing skills.  Butler University psychologist John Bohannon found that the majority of us can remember nearly 90 percent of the details involved in our first romantic kiss.

Before we began.  The most important tip is fresh breath!  You can have the best tongue skills in the world but if it smells like you just licked a trash can its not going to work.

Open your mouth more:

Give your partner something to work with. There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to use your tongue like a car jack to pry someone's jaws open. Open up so you may explore the inner works of each others mouth.

Be aggressive:

This is all encompassing. Be more aggressive initiating the kiss. Be more aggressive in the kiss with your tongue and lips. Be more aggressive with your hands. Rubbing. Grabbing. Groping. Don’t be afraid of anything at any moment during a kiss. Be fearless within reason.

Alternate lips:

You have two of them, so don’t be afraid to focus on one or the other and alternate. There’s actually well over 100 times more nerve endings in your lips than on your fingertips. Apart from that, alternating lip focus with a partner is not only extremely sexy, but it also makes you feel like you’re in a movie. 

Mindful mouth:

This isn’t what it sounds like, but it’s extremely important.  As we said before your breath is key.   Be very aware of what you’ve recently eaten, or  what you put on your lips. Lip balm, gloss, whatever. All of that stuff does something you might not be aware of. It activates sweetness receptors in your partners mouth sending yet another sense into overdrive.

Do the A-Frame:

This is when you and your lover are kissing with your hips apart thus creating an “A” figure from a side view. Do you see it there? Doing this is a safe and secure way to “feel them out” and invite them in with the hips later in the kiss.

Your Tongue Doesn't Have To Hit Their Tonsils:

There’s no easier, or more creative, or catchier way to say that. Just don’t do it. Your tongue is not Mike Tyson’s right arm throwing quick, energetic jabs. At the same time, your tongue is also not a dead, dank fish, either. Give it some life, but be aware of what your partner is doing too. Besides bad breath, this is the second biggest complaint people have about kissing.

Timing is key:

Especially with the statistic above about first kiss impressions, this is important to remember. Don’t kiss at that all you can eat fish fry. Instead, wait until you're back in the car or departing from each other for the night. Have mints on deck and at the ready. The same goes for subsequent kisses after the first. Always be aware of the setting and your partner's comfort levels with PDA (if applicable).

Use your hands:

HOLD ON. Hold on just a second. There’s two very essential and important ways to do this, and I don’t recommend deterring much from either, especially if it’s among the first couple kisses. First, when initiating the kiss, pick her chin up lightly with your hand. When you begin to kiss, lightly place your hands on her cheeks. Run your fingers through her hair. Lightly. Second, lightly place your hands on her lower back (not her butt, perv) and draw her hips lightly towards you. Much like the “A-Frame” technique mentioned above, bringing the hips together will increase desire and drive dramatically.

Listen to your partner:

Not only the words they are speaking, but their body as well. Listen to their breathing. Try to find some subtle hints that what you’re doing is right, or something they are enjoying. If you’re unsure, never be afraid to ask.

Kissing can be overwhelming, but don’t let it overcome you. Kissing can make you nervous, but don’t lose your cool. Kissing can be scary, but not as scary as the idea of doing it completely wrong and disappointing your lover. Don’t let it get you down. Don’t second guess yourself. Don’t hold back..

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